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At Cobalt we are pleased to operate state of the art MRI scanners, offering the ultimate service, with flexibility to ensure we can take the highest quality images while offering you a superb range of choice and comfort.

Please scroll down for more information about our Open MRI, 3.0 Tesla MRI and Mobile MRI services.


Our High Field Open MRI offers a more comfortable experience for those who require more room or suffer from claustrophobia offering exceptional comfort with three times the space of a cylindrical MRI.  The designs affords a panoramic view outside the magnet during your scan. If you have limited bodily movement, the improved access allows undertake scans impossible within a conventional magnet bore. Our scanner is one of only two High Field Open systems in the UK. Click here to get an idea of a the view from an Open MRI scanner, our room is slightly different but the scanner is the same.

3.0 Tesla MRI

We have two 3.0 Tesla MRI Scanners in full time clinical use for patients. With a shorter bore and flared open ends it offers exceptional comfort and greatly reduces anxiety or claustrophobia.

MRI6The majority of scanners in the UK are 1.5 Tesla (strength of the magnetic used) a 3.0 Tesla MRI scanner uses a more powerful magnet which results in images of a higher quality. This means we can demonstrate and evaluate finer structures and vessels. Joint surfaces, cartilage, ligaments and muscles are seen in greater detail.

A 3.0 Tesla MRI scan can also be quicker than scans carried out at 1.5 Tesla

Our mobile 3.0 Tesla MRI scanner is still the first of it's type in Europe

Mobile MRI

Mobile InteriorWe provide mobile MRI services to hospital sites around the country including provision of Europe's first 3T mobile MRI scanner. Making MRI accessible locally to many patients.

The current clinical standard, our mobile 1.5 Tesla MRI scanners have short bores that are flared open at both ends, these scanners are comfortable and provide excellent image quality


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