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Highlights and key achievements of 2022

2022 key achievements

Learn more about Cobalt’s 2022 and how the medical charity continued to support the NHS and invest in the latest diagnostic imaging technology.

    • Scanned over 130,000 patients
    • Cobalt invested £2.6m in a new Siemens Digital PET/CT scanner and the expansion of its PET/CT department.
    • The Institute of Translational Medicine Research Imaging Centre at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham celebrated its 5th birthday.
    • Raised over £700,000 through fundraising activities.
    • Cobalt continued to support the NHS England Targeted Lung Health Check Programme. Cobalt is the leading provider of the programme and supports seven TLHC services across England with over 50,000 CT scans.
    • Over 99% of patients said they would recommend Cobalt through our patient satisfaction survey.
    • 100% of the medical professionals who referred patients to us rated Cobalt’s service as very good or good.
    • Supported over 40 research studies and clinical trials and completed over 700 research scans.
    • Recruited 27 new full-time members of staff.
    • Launched an exciting new website with improved accessibility tools and a live chat feature.