Cobalt Photography Competition Judges

Karen Hackling-Searle: Karen Hackling-Searle: Karen is Head of MRI at Cobalt and is a keen amateur photographer, whose photos can be seen on the walls at Cobalt Imaging Centre. Also a keen gardener, macro photography of foliage and flowers are a particular interest. Any other spare time is spent drawing or painting.

Kevin Pascoe: Kevin has a Diploma in Photography with the Photography Institute, and has gained the Associateship Distinction with the Royal Photographic Society. He has been taking photos for many years, and enjoys most photographic genres. He takes the view that photography should be more about using a camera than using a computer. He believes that photography concerns artistic and creative endeavour, but that a firm grasp of important technical elements is necessary to fully liberate ones artistic and creative sensibilities - so that one can actually produce in practice an image that has been pre-visualised in the mind's eye.

Sally Ryde: I have been a full time professional photographer for over 10 years. I initially studied Visual Arts, which I have a Bachelor of Arts in, and, completely falling in love with still imagery while completing this degree, meant I went on to specialise in photography at the City of Bristol college with a foundation degree.  Today I work in the wedding industry, as well as in the commercial sector, where a lot of my work involves architectural photography, exteriors and interiors. I also love to take photographs for artwork, and sell my framed prints to be hung in business premises and private residences. I particularly love black and white photography, and shoot urban and natural landscapes, which compliments my love for the outdoors. I also sail, kayak and scuba dive, so the sea and water are favourite subjects.