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Introducing Siemens Innovision

Improving the MRI patient experience – with comfort, speed, and entertainment

Cobalt is delighted to be the first Imaging Centre in the UK to offer MRI patients Innovision, an in-bore infotainment system that redefines the patient experience. This will complement our Siemens Healthineers wide bore 1.5Tesla Sola MRI scanner and provides a complete suite of adaptive technology with the patient our top priority.

Innovision immerses patients in a sound and video experience, alleviating the anxiety which can be associated with MRI Imaging. Compared to other types of imaging examinations MRI scans can be noisy, relatively long and boring. Innovision ensure the patient is always engaged taking the focus away from the inside of the MRI scanner, the scanning noise is less distracting and time passes by more quickly turning the visit into a much more relaxing experience.

Other benefits include:

  • Crystal clear and outstanding sound quality
  • Ability to customise videos and music based on individual patient choices
  • Increased patient comfort with unique memory-foam pillow with integrated headphones
  • A video display that creates a wide bore impression inside the scanner reducing claustrophobia
  • Scan time on the video display, including a countdown to the end of the scan.

Discover more by visiting Siemens Healthineers website here.

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