With people travelling from all over the UK we receive around 100 written comments each month. These are audited by our external Quality assessors, but we thought you might like to read a few of our most recent ones too.

'Charming people. Very peaceful, friendly department' - October 2018


'Very much like a private hospital – highly recommended’ - October 2018


‘Lovely environment and reassuring atmosphere. We are so fortunate to have this facility’ - October 2018


‘This was my first time I had attended the clinic and was very impressed. I was extremely nervous to have an MRI, but the staff from receptionist to lady that did my scan were very nice and made me feel calm and relaxed’ - October 2018


‘Staff were welcoming, helpful and friendly throughout. This put me at ease and reinforced their professionalism on the day’ - October 2018


‘Made me feel so welcome and relaxed, it took the pressure off me. Many thanks to all’ - October 2018


‘Everything was really good. Staff were lovely and explained everything, very helpful’ - October 2018


‘I have been to the Cobalt Unit on several occasions and am always impressed by all the staff and the equipment is amazing’ - October 2018


‘Lovely centre, the staff were very friendly and made you feel at ease’ - October 2018


‘A great example of professionalism and care’ - October 2018


‘This was my first MRI scan and I was very nervous. The staff that looked after me were so caring and put me totally as ease’ - September



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