With people travelling from all over the UK we receive around 100 written comments each month. These are audited by our external Quality assessors, but we thought you might like to read a few of our most recent ones too.

‘I am very claustrophobic and was asked to consider the new scanner at CIC. It was a much better experience, very light and with the breeze blowing it gave the experience of being outside. I did not feel claustrophobic at all – thank you’ - August 2017


‘’Attentive, caring staff contributed to low stress appointment. Thanks to all’ - August 2017


‘Excellent service and facilities. Very impressive – first visit’ - August 2017


‘Welcoming and caring receptionists. All staff were kind and professional and made my 15 year old daughter feel comfortable and reassured’ - August 2017


‘It was an excellent experience from start to finish’ - August 2017


‘Don’t change anything, very impressed, staff are brilliant’


‘Came in feeling very concerned (needle phobic), but staff treatment was excellent. Many thanks’


‘The overall approach of staff at what is a very difficult time is fantastic’


‘Staff were professional, courteous, considerate and very smiley which helps so much when you are nervous and apprehensive’ - August 2017


‘Thought the staff, service and scan staff were first class’ - August 2017


'Made to feel so cared for at a difficult time - thank you - July 2017



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