Our Estate Manager

Day in the life of Jesse

The most important time of the day is early morning. There’s lots of stuff you can get done. There’s things that are being done before people start their day. If there’s a problem early morning we are on top of it straight away. The team get in at about 6.40am. I usually get in at 7.30am. 9 times out of 10 we will have already discovered a problem and dealt with it before everyone else gets in.

It’s a listed building that we are in. It’s never easy, never straightforward. It’s very rare something is off the shelf. You’ve always got to think about what you are doing. There are certain regulations and rules you’ve got to stick to. Works outside, you’ve got to make sure it’s the same fabric that has been used before. The challenges are there. They are usually difficult buildings, hard work, difficult to maintain. Here, they were all in very good condition when I started so I’ve tried to keep them that way because I know how quick they can start deteriorating. It’s a rolling maintenance. You get to one end and start again, like the Forth Bridge! If you keep on top of it you make it lots of smaller jobs, regular instead of big jobs. Once it gets to a big job it can have a knock on effect.

The funniest thing I have been asked to do is catch a bat!
The worst thing is dealing with grot and grime.

The best thing about my job is about giving something back and looking after people, negotiating between individuals in the office with different wants and needs, when one’s cold and one’s hot! You’ve got to know how to deal with different personalities. I’m pleased if through what I do, I can make someone happy in their workplace