Our Mobile MRI Radiographer

Day in the life of Áine

I was drawn to work at Cobalt after attending one of their MRI in Practice physics courses. The Charity works very closely with leading scanning equipment suppliers. Three new MRI scanners and a new PET/CT system since I started working here four years ago, with another MRI currently on order.

The Charity runs medical education courses for radiographers from all over the UK, so keeping up with developments in the industry is easy.

This is a diary of a recent week in my life…

Cobalt radiographers usually work twelve hour days, so my hours are usually done in three days giving me four days off. At the start of my week I head south to Exeter, this is a new site for us. You get to meet lot of new people, look around different hospitals and try the canteens. We radiographers definitely have our favourite canteens.

We see around thirty patients each day and this helps the different NHS

Trusts waiting lists massively. We finish at eight o’clock in the evening. We stay overnight if we are working at a site that is far away from our Cheltenham base. After work I put on my trainers and head out for a run.

After my few days in Exeter I head home for the night and then north to Lancashire. The patients have been specifically booked for this session on our wide bore scanner, as they are claustrophobic. We are used to working with patients who need a little more encouragement. It is very satisfying knowing that you have helped make the experience comfortable for them. There is nothing nicer than waking someone up after their scan, as they were so relaxed that they nodded off. After my busy week, I head back home to relax and feed my fish.