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Funding Breast Cancer Research in Gloucestershire

Cobalt has supported breast cancer services in Gloucestershire since the screening programme launched in 1990 and helped to fund the Thirlestaine Breast Centre. The screening service is run by the NHS. Over 31,000 screening mammograms are taken each year and up to 200 symptomatic patients are seen each week at the Thirlestaine Breast Centre. The Centre, which is an important hub for breast cancer treatment did not have the ability to focus on breast cancer research due to lack of research support. The Charity has agreed to cover the cost of these posts so that they could start work on important breast cancer specific trials for Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The commitment to fund these roles over the next twelve months is at a cost of £75,000. With support from donations, we can continue to improve the standards of care for breast cancer patients at a local level, while also contributing to the wider health research environment, nationally and internationally. 

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