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Supporting the NHS with its Targeted Lung Health Check programme

The Targeted Lung Health Check (TLHC) programme forms part of the NHS Long Term Plan to improve early diagnosis and survival for those diagnosed with cancer in the UK.

People aged over 55 years old but less than 75 years old that have ever smoked will be invited to a free lung check.

It is estimated that approximately 3,400 cancers will be found – many earlier than they would have done otherwise – and the NHS will be able to offer more treatments, such as curative surgery which will save people’s lives.

Detecting lung cancer in the early stages is extremely difficult as often people don’t experience any symptoms and are not diagnosed until stage 3 or 4. A lung health check can help find any problems early, and at a stage when treatment could be simpler and more successful.

This video explains the whole process and interviews real patients who have experienced the programme.