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Our amazing supporter Philip has now reached Everest Base Camp

Our supporter Philip has now reached Base Camp. We can see his first sight of it here.

Philip will have crossed several suspension bridges on his way to base camp Everest. To find out more about Philip’s trip and to support him please go to

Philip is aiming to raise a total of £14,000 for Cobalt by climbing Lhotse.  He has already raised over £7,000. There are 14 mountains in the world of greater than 8,000m, with Everest the highest at 8,848m and Shisha Pangma scraping in at 8,013m as the lowest. Lhotse is number four at 8,516m

Philip is a very experienced climber, climbing teacher, film location manager (amongst others Football Factory and It’s all gone Pete Tong) and keen photographer. 

Philip is also a founder of Bimber Whisky Distillery and a collector of and keen whisky drinker.  Bimber Distilleries, Dunphail Distillery, Melody Whisky Bar in London and Scotch Whisky Auction have all supported Philip by sponsoring his trip and helping him fundraise. 

To support the trip, Bimber launched a rare London single malt – The Lhotse Challenge 2023. This incredibly special Bimber a blend of some of their oldest and finest stock.  The miniatures each possess a stunning hand-painted artist label.  One bottle will hopefully summit and return with Philip.  This will be sent to Whisky Auctioneer for a special charity auction upon Philip’s return to England.  All proceeds from the auction will be presented to Cobalt.