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Booking an appointment

It is easy to arrange a scan at Cobalt, just follow these simple steps.


Ask your doctor, physiotherapist or another medical professional for a referral to Cobalt.


Your referrer will then contact us on your behalf with all of your details. Once we have your details, we will contact you to arrange a convenient appointment for your scan.


We will provide you with all the information you need to allow you to prepare for your visit. This includes any special instructions required for your particular scan, what to bring with you and what to expect on the day.

Please note that children need to be accompanied at all times and are not permitted in the clinical areas. If you are bringing a child to the centre they will need to be supervised by another adult during your scan.

What happens next?

Your appointment

On the day of your appointment, you will arrive at Cheltenham Imaging Centre where you will be welcomed by our reception team who will check you in. Shortly after you will be greeted by a member of our clinical team who will run you through your scan details and what to expect.

Your scan

Our experienced team will explain each step of the way, ensure that you are as comfortable as possible and take great care of you throughout your scan.

What happens next

Your results

Your images will be reviewed and reported by a specialist consultant radiologist. The consultant’s written report will be sent to your referring clinician, usually within seven days of your scan.

We advise that you keep this in mind when arranging your follow-up appointment to discuss the results of your scan and a treatment plan with your medical professional. Your referrer will provide you with a copy of your report on request. Please be aware that your radiographer will not be able to provide you with the results of your scan during your appointment.

In some cases, it may be possible for patients to access their images through an online system, called ‘MyVue’. This online system enables you to access your medical images at home, at any time through a secure, data-protected log-in. Your report will not accessible via MyVue only your images.

MyVue also makes it easy to securely share your images with your medical professional and whomever you choose. 

Types of scans

Cobalt offers a range of diagnostic scans to allow medical professionals to help diagnose conditions and plan appropriate treatment for patients.


Rapid Access Clinic


Prices start from £320 for a 1-part MRI scan, £430 for a 1-part CT scan, and £1,070 for a PET/CT scan. For more pricing information head over to our pricing page.


The Cobalt Journey


Your referral

Your doctor, physiotherapist or other medical professional will send a referral to Cobalt and our clinical team will assess your imaging needs.


Your booking

Our bookings team will then contact you to arrange a convenient time for your appointment. They will provide you with all the information you need to know prior to your scan.


Your appointment

On arrival at Cobalt’s Imaging centre, our reception team will welcome you and check you in. A member of our clinical team will greet you, run through your details with you and prepare you for your scan.


Your results

In most cases, your scan images and results will be sent directly to your referrer, who will then discuss them with you, along with any recommended onward treatment at your next appointment.

Lung health check

Frequently asked questions

We understand that you might have lots of questions about what to expect when you come for a scan, how to find us or what happens next after your appointment. Please take a look at the questions we are often asked.


If you feel you need confidential help and support from an advocate, you are able to access this from the Gloucestershire advocacy service, POhWER via the following link.

Our claustrophobia service

Here at Cobalt, we have 15 years of experience in caring for patients with claustrophobia. Our radiographers are experts in dealing with anxious patients and take their time to put each individual at ease and provide a calming environment for our patients.

Scan pricing one stop

Rapid Access Clinics

We currently host a range of Rapid Access Clinics here at Cobalt Cheltenham.

These include Orthopaedic Clinics delivered by Consultants specialising in Knees, Spines, Shoulders, Hips, Feet and Ankles and a Memory Clinic delivered by Consultant Psychiatrists.

Patient safety and radiation

Your doctor or clinical specialist has referred you to Cobalt for a scan. He or she believes the examination is important to help with your diagnosis and that the benefit of diagnosis is much greater than the risk from the small dose of radiation you may receive from certain types of scans (X-ray, CT and PET/CT).

Each scan request is carefully checked by trained imaging professionals to ensure it is the right test for you. We make sure that the radiation dose and risk are kept as low as practicable.

Further advice can be found at:

Patient safety

Where to find us

Linton House Clinic
Thirlestaine Road
GL53 7AS