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Introducing our open extremity
Carestream Cone Beam CT Scanner

Cobalt now offers diagnostic imaging using a state-of-the-art Cone Beam CT System. The system's advance technology provides 3D images that give us an excellent view of injuries to arms, legs, hands and feet. These high resolution images can assist with accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. This scanner enables us to take images of your leg or foot when you are standing (weight bearing), so doctors can see the nature of any injury when actually using the leg or foot.

Cobalt are the first clinical imaging centre to install this groundbreaking new Carestream OnSight System. 

How long do Cone Beam CT scans take?

The actual scan will only take 25 seconds. The full examination including set up and getting you in position will be 15 minutes.

Do I have to be still during the scan?

Yes, while the scan is taking place, there are comfortable handles to support you and help you to stay still.

What is the difference between Cone Beam CT and traditional CT?

While both of these equipment types fall into the category of Computerised Tomography (CT), there are some major differences. Traditional CT scans require patients to lie on an imaging table that moves through the core of the CT machine. As the table moves through, individual 'slices' of the anatomy are captured and used to create a 3D image. In a CBCT scan, the image is captured as the system rotates around the body part. The results is a more comprehensive set of 3D high resolution images.


Will I feel anything during the scan?

No, this type of examination is completely painless and non-invasive.

I don't like being in enclosed spaces. Does the OnSight System enclose my entire body?

No, you only need to place your affected body part in the imaging bore. The system also has an access doors you can easily step into and out of the system for standing exams.

I have a metal plate in my body in the area that is due to be scanned, is this okay?

Yes, this is fine, metal plates or pins do not effect the safety or the quality of the images. Please make the Cobalt staff aware before your scan, so any adjustments to the equipment settings can be made.

How do I prepare for my Cone Beam CT scan?

Wear comfortable loose fitting clothes or we may give you special clothing to wear. Please leave jewellery at home because metal objects of this type may affect your images.

Who performs and reads the scan?

A qualified CT radiographer will perform your examination and a consultant radiologist will interpret the images, usually within 5 working days

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