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Your appointment at Cobalt

It is easy to arrange a scan at Cobalt, just follow these simple steps.

  • Ask your doctor, physiotherapist or other medical professional for a referral to Cobalt Imaging Centre
  • They will contact us on your behalf with all of your details
  • We will then contact you to arrange a convenient time for your scan
  • We will ask you at this stage whether you have private medical insurance*, if you are paying for yourself, or if your scan is to provide information to support a legal claim.
  • Please note that children need to be accompanied at all times and are not permitted in the clinical areas, therefore if you have to bring your child to your appointment, you will also need to bring a responsible adult to look after them whilst you have your scan.

We will provide you with all the information you need prior to your visit, including any special instructions required to prepare for your particular scan, what to bring on the day and how to find us.

Please allow a working week for the Specialist Consultant Radiologist Report following your scan. We advise that you should make an appointment with your referrer to discuss the results. The radiographer will not be able to give you your results on the day of your scan as the images need to be studied and a report written by a specialist doctor.

*Please note that we have specially negotiated Service Level Agreements in place with all major healthcare insurance companies, these incorporate agreed reporting turnaround times and priority reserved slots which may mean that the rates charged to them could differ from our self-pay rates.

Patient safety and radiation

Your doctor or clinical specialist has referred you to Cobalt for a scan. He or she believes the examination is important to help with your diagnosis and that the benefit of diagnosis is much greater than the risk from the small dose of radiation you may receive from certain types of scans (X-ray, CT and PET/CT).

Each scan request is carefully checked by trained imaging professionals to ensure it is the right test for you.

Here at Cobalt we make sure that the radiation dose and risk is kept as low as is practicable.

Further advice can be found at:

During your appointment you will be asked if you would like to give your consent for us to use your images for research and teaching purposes


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