Rapid Access Clinics

We currently host 9 Rapid Access Clinics here at Cobalt Cheltenham

These include Orthopaedic Clinics delivered by Consultants specialising in Knees, Spines, Shoulders, Hips, Feet and Ankles and a Memory Clinic delivered by Consultant Psychiatrists.

These clinics offer a consultation, imaging, diagnosis and a follow-up consultation to discuss your treatment plan, usually within one or two visits and usually within a few days.
We also offer a Saturday One Stop MRI Scan and Report Clinic delivered by a Consultant Radiologist.


Gosal Knee
Tel: 01242 246 534
Hours: Fridays
(other days by appointment)


T&O Spine
Tel: 01242 246530
Hours: Thursdays by appointment

Memory clinic

Cotswold and Avon Memory Clinic
Tel: 07377 992135 or 07506 884793
Email: cobaltmemoryclinic@protonmail.com
Hours: (by appointment)


Navraj Atwal
Tel: 01242 246530
Hours: Friday by appointment



Shoulder and Upper Limb Clinic
Tel: 01242 246 507
Hours: Wednesday mornings (other days by appointment only)


Cheltenham Spine
Tel: 01242 692866
Hours: Mondays and Tuesdays
(and other days by appointment)


Dr. Mark Silva

Tel: 01242 692 866


Cheltenham Hip Clinic
Tel: 07468 212998
Hours: Thursdays

If you require an MRI scan you probably want the results on the same day as your scan. Cobalt now offers this unique service working with one of the most experienced MRI Radiologists, Dr Umesh Udeshi. The service includes:

  • A consultation with Consultant Radiologist Dr Udeshi before your MRI scan to ascertain your condition and elaborate on your referral letter if necessary. Your MRI scan will then be tailored to your individual needs.
  • After the scan, Dr Udeshi will discuss the findings with you.
  • The report and images can be available to take away with you on the day of your scan.
  • A copy of your report will also be sent to your referrer who will be able to organise any treatment required.

This service is available Saturdays 9am-1pm at no extra cost to our usual self-pay MRI prices, see here for more details.

A referral will be required for this service. Please ask your medical professional to send this marked ‘One Stop MRI and Report Service’ via any of our referral channels which are detailed here.

Check out some of the most recent patient feedback from Dr Udeshi's One Stop Clinic.

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