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Cobalt is contributing to more than 59 clinical trials

Research team

Cobalt has a multi-disciplinary research group led by Professor Iain Lyburn, Director of Clinical Research and includes radiologists, radiographers, a radiology research fellow and a student radiographer intern. The team works collaboratively on clinically impactful research (see publications).

The team’s commitment to producing novel research has developed relationships with external research teams. This has led to an exciting collaboration with industry partners evaluating the role of artificial intelligence in Positron Emission Tomography/Computerised Tomography (PET/CT).


Research Committee

A dedicated Research Committee meets quarterly to review our current research and discuss upcoming projects and innovations. The Committee considers how we can support research and contribute to advancing medical practice at Cobalt and in our community.

Research radiographers

Meet Zoe Wray, our MRI Research Radiographer and Jamie McAllister, our PET/CT Research Radiographer. Together they coordinate the imaging Cobalt provides for oncology research; this is another way Cobalt supports the fight against cancer.

Zoe Wray
Zoe Wray
Jamie McAllister

Research publications

We have shared a list of our current research publications. Click on the button below to view them.


Interested in taking part in research?

Taking part in research helps advance medicine, find better ways to diagnose and treat conditions, and can help to find cures. The National Institute for Health Research has created a guide on how to take part in research:

(photo: Zaide Nicholas, Student Radiographer Research Intern

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