Answers and Prizes

Thank you for taking part in the Cobalt 2021 Virtual Easter Hunt

We hope you enjoyed the Hunt around your homes to find 10 things! There were only right answers in this section and we hope you had fun sharing memories with each other.

Here are the answers to the Hunt the Easter bunny and friends photos and the puzzles.

The Easter bunny and friends are hiding in each photo, marked by a green circle.

Puzzle answers:

  1. Word scramble: Daffodil, basket, bonnet, tulip, flower, April
  2. “The great gift of Easter is hope”. The quote is from Basil Hume.
  3. Local places in Gloucestershire beginning with the letters of EASTER are:E: Eastcombe Eastington Ebley Edge Elkstone Ebrington
    A: Adlestrop Alderley Aldsworth Alstone Ashchurch Apperley
    S: Sandhurst Saul Selsley Sharpness Slimbridge Southrop Stoke Orchard
    T: Taynton Tredington Tewkesbury Tuthill Turkdean Twigworth Twyning
    E: Elmstone Hardwick Elmore Epney Evenlode English Bicknor
    R: Randwick Redmarley D’Abitot Rodmarton Ruardean Rendcomb Ruspidge

    These are examples, if you live in another county please mark correctly any that are within your own county, and mark correctly any within Gloucestershire that are not listed here.

  4. Hot cross buns were first recorded in Poor Robin’s Almanac in 1733
  5. Know your rabbits! 


    American Fuzzy Lop




    Flemish Giant

We would love to see your picture of a Not Cross Bun, please email a photo of your drawing to for the chance to see your picture on the Cobalt website!





Well done for completing the Virtual Easter Hunt, you deserve a treat.

Treat 1

Here is a special recipe for a delicious chocolatey Millionaire Shortbread, you can watch Jess from Feed Me Cotswolds making it and then have a go at home. Jess’ video from The Kitchen Table is here

Millionaire Shortbread



250g Plain flour.

175g Unsalted butter softened.

75g Caster sugar.


397g Condensed milk.

200g Unsalted butter.

3 tbsp Caster sugar.

3 tbsp Golden syrup. Topping

100g Dark chocolate.

50g White chocolate.


Preheat your oven to 170c fan and line your baking tray

Step 1. In a mixing bowl or food processor add your softened butter and caster sugar. Beat together until all the ingredients are combined.

Step 2. Add the flour in until mixture starts to form a dough like consistency and starts coming away from the edge of the bowl.

Step 3. Press the mixture into your dish and use a fork to indent a pattern on top. Cook in the oven for 25-30 minutes until golden brown. Once cooked take out of the oven and leave to cool.

Step 4. While your shortbread is cooling you can start to make your caramel. Add the butter, condensed milk, sugar and golden syrup to a pan on a low heat. Once all the ingredients have melted and the sugar has dissolved you can turn the heat up. You need to be constantly stirring (I use a wooden spoon) your caramel as you don’t want it to catch. After around 5-7 minutes the mixture should start to thicken. If when you lift your spoon out of the pan it is coated nicely with the caramel it is then ready to be poured over the shortbread. Leave to chill in a fridge until it has set.

Step 5. When the caramel has cooled and set you can start to melt your chocolate. I always do it in the microwave. Heat your dark chocolate and white chocolate in separate heatproof dishes. You don’t want to burn your chocolate so whichever way you do this take your time. Pour the dark chocolate over your caramel and spread over evenly in a thin layer. Dot over the white chocolate and use a skewer in a wave motion to swirl the chocolate. Move quickly as you don’t want the chocolate to start setting.

Step 6. Wait for chocolate to set and enjoy!!!

Thank you to Jess for kindly donating this recipe

A short fun video courtesy of