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Fundraising resources to help you raise money for Cobalt

A one stop shop for fundraising resources to help you raise money for Cobalt and manage your own events.


Organise your own walk and raise money for Cobalt at the same time

You can arrange your walk wherever and whenever suits you.  It's an easy way to fundraise for Cobalt and we will be happy to send you a Supporters Pack, which includes sponsorship forms and all you need to promote your event.
‘Walking is a fantastic way to keep active and maintain a healthy heart as it is fun, flexible and free.’ – Sue White, Cancer Prevention Team

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Challenge yourself

Take part in one of our events, an organised event or organise your own event.  Whether it's walking, running, swimming or cycling we'll give you the support you need.

Contact for information or to ask any questions.

Fundraising ideas

Ways to raise money for Cobalt

If you’re stuck for ideas of what to do to raise money, then take a look at our list of fundraising ideas below. These are just a few examples of things you can do, but we’re always looking for new, unique ideas.

Give us a call on 01242 535922 and tell us what you’re up to – we’re always happy to help where we can!

We have put together a fun guide with lots of inspirational ideas for fundraising activities or events you can run. Raise money for a vital cause whilst having fun! Over the years fundraising activities have included making coffee for donations; wearing blue for Cobalt days and involvement in our challenge events.

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Events calendar

Inflatable 5k challenge – Saturday 14 September 2019

This summer, we have some fantastic supporters taking part in the Inflatable 5K Challenge for …

Devil’s Aquathlon – Sunday 6 October 2019 from 8:00 to 11:00

This is a tough swimming and running challenge. The event starts with 400m or 2k swim in the …