We did it!

Thanks to our wonderful supporters, we are delighted to have raised the funds needed to purchase the new equipment for the Thirlestaine Breast Centre.  The new equipment will help us to detect breast cancer more accurately at an earlier stage.  It will help make treatment more effective.  The total cost of this equipment is £338,000 and we have been so touched by the amazing things our supporters have done to raise money for this appeal.  We will be carrying on raising funds for this important area.

Breast Screening Facilities in Gloucestershire and surrounding counties

Medical charity Cobalt has supported breast cancer services since the screening programme was launched in 1990, almost thirty years ago.  The screening unit was initially housed at Linton House. Our vision has been to provide leading edge breast facilities  for Gloucestershire in partnership with Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Vacuum Assist Breast Biopsy equipment

The new equipment will:

Detect breast cancer at an earlier stage

Enable more accurate detections

Make treatment more effective and reduce unnecessary procedures

Advance research into this important area using the latest equipment

Ultimately deliver cost saving for the NHS

Every £1 donated throughout the appeal has gone  towards the new equipment.

We are delighted to be able to  offer patients the best chance of early diagnosis, more effective treatment and ultimately save lives.

3D Mammography Equipment

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