Make a Will Month

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Thank you to Willans LLP, DF Legal LLP, Dee & Griffin Solicitors, Harrison Clark Rickerbys Solicitors, Langley Wellingtons LLP, Sewell Mullings Logie LLP

During April, participating solicitors will waive their fees for writing a will in lieu of a donation to Cobalt.

The minimum donation for a basic single will is £100 and for a pair of basic mirror wills it is just £150 – this is a fraction of what you would typically pay for this service.

This year most solicitors are conducting their appointments on a contactless basis (zoom, telephone etc.), anyone who takes part in the scheme will need to follow the specific safe working practices of the law firm that they choose to use.

The scheme is designed around writing or updating a straightforward will. If you think your will might be more complicated, please discuss this with the solicitor in advance of your appointment to check if there will be any further cost implications

By using Cobalt’s Make a Will Month scheme, your donation will help us to continue our pioneering cancer and dementia diagnosis and research work.

When planning your new will, once you have looked after your loved ones, please do consider including a gift to Cobalt - even a small percentage of your estate could help to make a big difference for future generations.

If you would like more information on the scheme or if you are considering including a gift to Cobalt in your will, please call 01242 535922 or email

To  get started click below.

Step 1 - Find your preferred solicitor

To take part in the scheme, simple call your chosen solicitor (from the list below) to book your appointment for during April time, quoting ‘Cobalt’s Make a Will Month’. At this point, your chosen solicitor will agree with you the Covid safe option for the appointment.

Step 2 - Download your voucher

You will require a voucher to redeem in order to complete your appointment.

Step 3 - Make your donation

Once your appointment is booked, you will then need to make your donation payment either through the link below or post a cheque to Cobalt. Then complete the e voucher from step 2 and email it to or include a printed copy of it when posting your cheque.

“A gift in your will, ensures we are here for patients in the future too. After remembering family and friends, we are grateful for any support you can give.”

Peter Sharpe, Cobalt CEO.

Why making a will is so important - Willans LLP

Willans LLP explain the benefits of making a will and keeping it up to date.

Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today - Harrison Clark Rickerbys

Too many of us put off making a will, either because death isn’t something we want to think about, or because we don’t know how best to divide our estate.

Failure to make a will, however, can lead to anxiety and stress, at a time when our loved ones are already grieving.

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