Make a Will Month

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Making a Will

Making a will can offer peace of mind, bring any outstanding affairs into order, offer potential inheritance tax benefits and provide a vital source of income from any legacies left to charity.

During April, partner solicitors donated their expertise and time to Cobalt. They wrote or updated straightforward Wills for you, in return for a voluntary donation to Cobalt. The suggested donation to Cobalt was £100 for a single Will, £150 for mirror Wills.

Simon Cook, Partner and Head of the Wills, probate and trusts team at Willans LLP said 'Making a Will is so important as it provides peace of mind that your estate will be distributed as you wish. Although there is absolutely no requirement to do so, you may choose to leave a gift to charity which can help reduce inheritance tax on your estate'.

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A gift in your Will, ensures we are here for patients in the future too. After remembering family and friends, we are grateful for any support you can give.  Take a look at our guide here or for more information contact Helen on

A big thank you to all the Solicitors who participated this year

Langley Wellington LLP Solicitors - Gloucester
Dee & Griffin Solicitors - Gloucester
DF Legal LLP - Stroud
Sewell Mullings Logie LLP - Cirencester
Willans LLP - Cheltenham
Harrison Clark Rickerbys - Cheltenham
Davis Gregory Solicitors - Cheltenham

10 years since scheme began over £100,000 has been raised for Cobalt. The donations we receive will be put towards our pioneering imaging centre, supporting patients with cancer, dementia and their families.

Legacies have enabled Cobalt to fund some life changing services and equipment over the years including:

  • funding for a new Teenage and Young Adult Cancer nurse
  • provision of  training and education for the public and health care professionals
  • a cutting edge PET/CT scanner for the Cobalt Imaging Centre, providing faster, safer and clearer scans for a patients
  • contribution to local, national and international cancer and dementia research programmes

Thank you for your support. For further information please contact Helen Tomes, 01242 535922

To make your suggested donation online click below.

Why making a will is so important - Willans LLP

If making a will has become a longstanding fixture on your to-do list, you're in good company; it is estimated that only 36% of people in the UK have made a will. Willans LLP explain the benefits of making a will and keeping it up to date.

Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today - Harrison Clark Rickerbys

Too many of us put off making a Will, either because death isn’t something we want to think about, or because we don’t know how best to divide our estate.

Failure to make a Will, however, can lead to anxiety and stress, at a time when our loved ones are already grieving.

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A big thank you to all those who have supported us


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