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Peter Sharpe

Our role in helping the NHS fight coronovirus

We are supporting the NHS locally and nationally during the coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency. The Imaging Centre in Cheltenham is providing urgent scans for cancer patients to enable them to continue with their treatment pathways.

 On a national level, the charity is gearing up to support NHS England using mobile Computerised Tomography (CT) scanners to be located at NHS hospitals and potentially the new COVID-19 field hospitals across England to support COVID-19 patients.

 You can listen to our CEO, Peter Sharpe on BBC Radio Gloucestershire here . Listen from 2.10.

 We will continue to support cancer patients using our specialised scanning equipment providing free oncology scans for the NHS.

 Our latest mobile CT scanners are ready to be deployed at 24 hours’ notice to support hospitals throughout the UK. These scanners will be operating up to 24 hours per day.

 Our ability to do this is down to our dedicated staff who have risen to the challenge and of course the generosity of donors who have supported the Charity for many years, this is especially important during this difficult time.

 We are raising funds to enable us to purchase vital personal protection equipment (PPE) and to support our charitable aims of providing free oncology scans for the NHS. 

Please help us with a donation today or email fundraising@cobalthealth.co.uk for further information.

Read all about our ongoing projects that we are investing in here from exciting research partnerships through to the training and education of medical professionals.

How your support helps

  • We carry out scans for over 75,000 patients each year.
  • We work very closely with Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to support breast cancer screening services, by providing ultra high field MRI scans to support the diagnosis of cancer.
  • We contribute to oncology and dementia research on a local, national and international basis.
  • We provide training and education to medical professionals, attracting delegates from all over the world to programmes delivered by local,national and international leaders in their field.
  • We fund a specialist nursing post for Teenagers and Young Adults with cancer. Megan Willsher Cobalt's TYA Nurse, provides specialist support for these patients.
  • We support the early diagnosis of dementia in partnership with the 2gether NHS Foundation Trust. Read more on their website here.
  • We fund two specialist nursing posts within the Fritchie Dementia Centre, in Cheltenham.
  • We work in partnership with University Hospitals Birmingham to provide state-of-the-art MRI scans for patients involved in research; this includes specialties such as neurology, liver, oncology and cardiology.

To find out more about these projects please click here.


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