Supporters Virtual Open Gardens

A chance to see some of our supporters gardens, learn about family favourites and interesting stories behind the choice of plants.  Our series of open gardens normally raise £10,000 for us so if you enjoy these virtual events, please consider popping along to one of our events.

You may have been served tea by Carol,  a wonderful volunteer who often helps with Cobalt’s open gardens

My love of gardens and gardening has been passed down through generations - my paternal great grandfather was Head Gardener at a country home and Grandad grew up in the Head Gardener's cottage - he had a lifelong love of dahlias, chrysanthemums and a charming rose called 'Compassion'. Everyone in my family always grows one of these roses in their garden in memory of a delightful, gentleman who himself was full of compassion.

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Pam is a volunteer who has made Cobalt cards for many years, and who continued to make cards at home during lockdown. Thanks Pam! Pam has garden planters with long family associations.

We have a stone tree in our garden that originally belonged to my Great Grandparents, then passed to my Grandparents when they lived in the grounds of Warwick Castle. When they retired the stone tree moved to Mill Street Warwick, and afterwards their son had the tree in the garden of his nursery on Myton Road Warwick. I am very fond of this family stone tree and it now continues it’s family link and stands in our garden in Cheltenham.

Pam's Garden

Enjoy these photos from a wonderful garden in Cheltenham that opened it’s gates for Cobalt some years ago. Visitors were delighted by the colour and profusion of flowers in Pam’s garden, lovingly tended by herself and her husband who are keen nurserymen and skilled plantsmen. Their green fingers were obvious by the healthy plants and abundant foliage. Today Pam’s garden is looking just as good, and she and her husband still raise money for Cobalt in many ways, from giving garden talks to making Cobalt cards.

Mary's Garden

A selection of stunning plants from supporter Mary's garden including Elephants ears!  These beauties enjoy full or partial sun and are suitable for beds, borders and containers.

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The cost of providing this service is £28,000 per year. Please help to continue to support this valuable service for young cancer patients.

My role ensures these patients are supported throughout their cancer journey and beyond, helping them to move forward with their life, as they would have without the intrusion of cancer.

Cobalt’s Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Nurse, Megan Willsher