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Teenagers and Young Adults with Cancer Nurse

Medical charity Cobalt

Megan Willsher

The Cobalt TYA Cancer Nurse ensures that an appropriate framework, for meeting the needs of young adult cancer patients, is established at a time when they are most vulnerable.

Megan Willsher was appointed as the Cobalt TYA Cancer Nurse in June 2011 and is based at Cheltenham General Hospital, linking with colleagues in Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Bristol and Birmingham; she is one of only five TYA Cancer Specialist Nurses in the South West. Find out more here about Megan and the role she has in the South West supporting young cancer patients.

The impact of a cancer diagnosis on children and families can be immense. Young cancer patients have unique biological, physiological and social needs during treatment which are distinct from other cancer patients. For teenagers and young adults, traditionally little care has put into place that delivers according to their specific needs, with patients often either treated alongside children of a younger age, or with adults.

‘My role ensures these patients are supported throughout their cancer journey and beyond, helping them to move forward with their life, as they would have without the intrusion of cancer.’ Megan Willsher, Cobalt Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Nurse

‘I am grateful to Megan and to Cobalt for funding the job she does. She has been such a great support.’ Samantha (Patient)

How you can help:
The cost of providing this service is £32,594 per year. Please help to continue to support this valuable service for young cancer patients.

A cuppa and a catch up with Megan

A cancer diagnosis for a young person is understandably devastating. Megan is a Teenagers and Young Adults with cancer nurse who supports young people between 16 and 25 who have been diagnosed with cancer. They are a unique group and have very different needs to adults and children. They may be starting out in a new job or further education as well as becoming more body-conscious.

Megan is a specialist nurse and she helps with the holistic needs of the young person from their physical and emotional wellbeing to sex, fertility and finances. Find out here why her role is so important to young people with cancer.

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