A huge thank you to our volunteers. Volunteers are vitally important to Cobalt and new volunteers are always welcome. Cobalt volunteers help at our events, they upcycle cards, help in our busy Fundraising Office and help at home by baking or knitting.

We don’t have a typical volunteer. However, every person who volunteers for us has one thing in common; they’re absolutely vital to our work.

Hear from a couple of our volunteers. Sue tells us about how long she has been giving her time to us and what she has missed during lock down. Jackie tells us how many cards she has made for us since Christmas.


Kim is a collecting tin volunteer

Paquita volunteers making cards


Rob volunteers at events

Volunteering “can be flexible; it can part of your weekend; you get so much out of it. It’s the best thing, the feeling that you get when you know you’ve helped raise money for a charity.

Clare Shearer

“Hannah really enjoyed her day helping to sort the cards and said it had given her a totally new perspective of the roles of Cobalt.”

Kath and her granddaughter Hannah volunteered to help Cobalt during the Big Sort

We make each other laugh a lot. We take great pride in what we do because it’s worthwhile for Cobalt.


Volunteer Card Maker

Want to volunteer? Call 01242 535922

Thank you volunteers

Thanking our volunteers is really important

Click the image to watch the video from our volunteer thank you afternoon tea