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Cobalt has an X-ray room for general radiography. General radiography is an imaging technique using X-rays and is very good for demonstrating bony structures in the body. Cobalt has the latest Direct Digital Radiography equipment which provides high quality images, available in seconds, using a low radiation dose. 

Examinations that can be carried out in this room include radiography of the spine, extremities and chest. Requests for general radiography can be made by authorised referrers including clinicians through the One-Stop Clinics at Linton House as well as GPs, medical consultants and some chiropractors.

In addition, some patients attending for an MRI scan may be contra-indicated during the screening process because of the possibility of metal fragments or implants in the body. An X-ray examination is able to demonstrate if there is a foreign object or implant in the body, where it is and whether it has any metallic component.

The X-ray room uses ionising radiation when taking an image therefore females of child-bearing age will be asked about pregnancy prior to the examination taking place.

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