The Big Give - The Results

£50,922 raised towards two Breast Cancer Research Nurses

An astonishing £50,922 in just 7 days. Thank you!

Donations given through The Big Give website were doubled with the money raised meaning we are able to fund the appointment of new Breast Cancer Research Nurses early in the New Year.

We would like to raise funds for two new Breast Cancer Research nurses to use innovative diagnostic equipment to enable breast cancer research trials to take place in Gloucestershire Hospitals.

This will in turn support clinicians and increase patients involvement.

Cobalt has supported breast cancer services since the screening programme was launched in 1990, almost thirty years ago. By funding breast cancer research in Gloucestershire we can increase our understanding of risks and prevention, early detection and diagnosis, and available treatments.

One hundred percent of the donations given through The Big Give will now go towards funding two Breast Cancer Research Nurses for Gloucestershire.


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