Lung Health Checks

Cobalt supports the NHS with Targeted Lung Health Checks.

The Targeted Lung Health Checks (TLHC) programme forms part of the NHS Long Term Plan to improve early diagnosis and survival for those diagnosed with cancer in the UK.

The TLHC programme targets those most at risk of lung cancer and will initially work with CCGs who have some of the highest rates of mortality from lung cancer.

People aged over 55 years old but less than 75 years old that have ever smoked will be invited to a free lung check.

Following the lung health check, those assessed as high risk will be offered a low dose CT scan. It is estimated that approximately 3,400 cancers will be found – many earlier than they would have done otherwise – and the NHS will be able to offer more treatments, such as curative surgery which will save people’s lives.

Detecting lung cancer in the early stages is extremely difficult as often people don’t experience any symptoms and are not diagnosed until stage 3 or 4. A lung health check can help find any problems early, often before someone notices anything is wrong, and at a stage when treatment could be simpler and more successful.

The lung health check takes place in two stages. The first is an initial phone assessment with a specially trained respiratory nurse. If the assessment finds the person to be at high risk, they will be offered a low dose CT scan of the lungs for further investigation.

To learn more about the TLHC programme in its current locations, please click on the destinations below.

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Lung Health Check Locations

Royal Brompton

Luton and Thurrock

Bradford, North Kirkless

Newcastle and Gateshead

Manchester, Tameside and Glossop

Dr Stuart BaughDr Stuart Baugh, Clinical Director at Humber, Coast and Vale Cancer Alliance, said: “The Hull lung health check programme is helping us achieve the NHS long-term plan ambition of diagnosing more cancers early by providing quick, effective and easily accessible checks in convenient community locations. We are incredibly grateful to North Point Shopping Centre and Tesco Hull Superstore for providing space in their car parks to ensure we can deliver lung health checks in North Hull.

“If you or a member of your family receive a lung health check invitation, do not delay – book your appointment as soon as you can. This free lung health check could save your life by diagnosing lung cancer or other respiratory diseases at an earlier stage, when curative treatment may be available.”

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